सोमवार, 15 सितंबर 2008

Reservation according to size of population ? Never.

Deciding percentage of quota in jobs and higher education seats on the basis of size of population of a particular community is equal to rewarding the culprits.   For decades, our nation has been advocating the ideal of a small family and most of the highly educated families have accepted this ideal by limiting the size of their family.  

Now we can find only one or two children in lacs of families in India.   On the other hand,  there are a huge number of families in our country where the ideal of having as many children as biologically feasible is still an ideal.  Some times, it is owing to illiteracy, sometimes it is for social, religious or political reasons.  In democracy, where head-count is the method of deciding as to who would rule the nation,  it is only natural for various religious, social, ethnic groups to think of steadily increasing their population so as to favourably influence the outcome of elections.  It is long-term politics to have as much children as your reproductive system would permit.  

In the above background,  granting these groups special quota in jobs and higher education seats according to size of their population is encouraging them to increase their population further.   Not only this, in the name of social justice, it is gross injustice to those communities who are following the ideal of 'one or two kids only'.    Due to the fact that  they have only one or two kids to look after, they are able to spend higher part of their income on their children's education.  On the other hand, a couple with same level of income but having 10 to 12 children to rear, cannot obviously spend the same amount of money on each child.  

I fully agree that children of so called higher castes are not genetically better or more intelligent than the children of socially backward classes but they are seen to perform better only because their parents are able to spend higher on their education etc. 

Our political leaders are generally believed to pursue only those policies that would further their political ambitions.  If our political class considers this belief to be baseless, based on prejudice and an injustice to them, they should add the following exclusions in the reservation policy formulated by them :

1. A maximum of two children can avail benefit of the reserved quota in a family eligible for the reservation benefits.  Thus, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rabri Devi can avail quota benefit for only two of their 11 children.

2. If either of the parents is or has ever been MLA, MLC or M.P. the children are outside the purview of the reserved quota.

3. If either of the parents is/has been a Gazetted Officer / Class I officer, their children cannot claim jobs/seats under reserved catagory.

4. If either of the parents has a pucca built house in his or her name in any town or city having population of 1 lakh or above, the children cannot claim reserved quota.

5. If either of the parents has a car or similar four wheeler in his or her name,  their children cannot claim reserved quota benefits.

6. If either of the parents has served a jail sentence owing to a crime of moral turpitude,  they cannot claim quota benefits for their children.

7. A candidate would be eligible for reserved quota only once in his / her student life and only once while seeking a job.   

8.                  Reserving seats for promotions in jobs is an insult to intelligence hence is discontinued henceforth.

If these exclusions are put into effect,  these would help only those who are in real need of such measures.  If you feel that the above proposal meets the demands of social justice to everyone concerned,  please circulate this message as widely as possible to build public opinion in favour of it.

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