मंगलवार, 30 दिसंबर 2008

Can I do something for others in 2009 ?

A friend recently asked me what I was going to do for others in the coming year?   This gave me a chance to look within myself.   Here is the result:


People in this world can be put into different categories:      


1.   Even though it doesn't do any good for them, they enjoy hurting others.


2.   If their interests are served even remotely,  they are ready to hurt others. 


3.   Some people worry about their own interests but take care not to hurt others' interests. 


4.   Many people serve their interests in such a way that others are also benefitted.


5.   Some people would do something for others as far as their own interests are not hurt.


6.   Very rarely,  we find people who would  do such things for others' sake which are detrimental to their own interests.   


As far as I am concerned,  I would like to belong to 5th category but shall be happy even if I can manage to remain at 4th stage.


Now the question arises, what will I do to fulfil above conditons?


I read somewhere the following and was greatly inspired by it:


"We have not inherited this Earth from our ancestors.  We have borrowed it from our future generations.  Therefore,  let's strive for better environment. We owe it to our children."   


Thinking of ways to and doing whatever little I can to improve the habitat for coming generations is my hobby. 

Secondly,  trying to improve the next generation by offering them better education is my livelihood.  


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