सोमवार, 29 दिसंबर 2008

Pratap Market, Saharanpur and the Local Police Administration

Do you hold the view that police doesn't have cooperative attitude towards the public? 
Think again. If you still insist, come to Pratap Market, Saharanpur. It is a living testimony of the utmost cooperation the police offers to the shopkeepers who decide to encroach on the road as far as they dare to.

A few years before, a hesitant person decided to start a business of sale-purchase of motorbikes in this market. Being a prudent businessman, he knew very well how to handle the local administration including the police officers. Seeing his business flourishing, other people decided to switch to the same business. Since these people don't have enough space in their shops to accommodate hundreds of motor-bikes, they feel free to use the road to park the vehicles even if it means taking up half of the width of the road for the purpose.  Quite strangely, they also manage to get utmost cooperation from the Nagar Palika, Saharanpur and the police.  (People say that the Nagar Palika and police staff comes weekly to these businessmen to sell their cooperation to these people.

So, we now have several shops buying and selling hundreds of second-hand motorbikes every week within a span of 200 meters in Pratap Market, Saharanpur. The road was recently widened and built again. Some people had hoped that after complete repair of the road, these people would be asked to learn to behave and to stop encroaching the road.  But no !  Cooperation towards encroachment is far more important than public convenience.   

One cynic passerby commented that some stolen bikes also find place in this market and as such police has a commercial interest in keeping this market going.  I don't believe this.  What do you think about it?  

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