सोमवार, 29 दिसंबर 2008

The Criminal Nagar Palika, Saharanpur

Saharanpur is a city, a district head quarter and also a commissionery head quarter.  As if it were not enough, it holds the distinction of being the constituency of BSP supremo, Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati too.   At the business front, it is the home of exquisitely hand carved sheesham wood handicrafts inviting hundreds of foreign buyers every year.  Saharanpur is also a big wholesale market for cloth catering to the merchants of bordering states of Uttarakhand, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.   Quite impressed, huh ?


 Saharanpur has also earned the dubious distinction of being inhabited by people who are hopelessly in love with filth, garbage and excreta.   When Saharanpur Nagar Palika,  having elected representatives of such people,  decided to set up Garbage Collection Centres in the busy streets and markets of the town,  naturally everyone rejoiced.   They were specially pleased with the fact that these Garbage Collection Centres were not going to have any pick-up containers (large dustbins) to hold the shit and the entire shit was to be spread on the roads itself.   Being quite tender-hearted towards the animals, they were perhaps happy because spreading the shit on the road would allow stray dogs and pigs to feed themselves as and when they were hungry. 

 So, now we have truck loads of excreta and other rubbish arriving from different colonies of the town.  The different varieties are thoroughly mixed and then spread on the road.  As to which roads would get the great opportunity to have this shit,  the lucky draw winners were our Ansari Road and Bomanji Road.  The residents of these roads consider them extremely lucky.  Why shouldn't they be ?   Now they and their children can enjoy the stench of faeces 24 x 7.  

 The Director - Health, the Commissioner, the C.M.O., the District Magistrate, The City Magistrate, the M.L.As,  the Executive Officer, Nagar Palika, the Sanitary Inspectors, the Municipal Commissioners, local medical practitioners, the Principals and teachers of various schools and colleges,  the IIA chairman and members, the Vyapar Mandal Chairman and all members,  all NGOs, clubs and societies, local scribes, residents, students, shopkeepers, customers  -- everyone has chosen to maintain studied silence over it.  Perhaps everyone else is right and I am wrong - the odd man out who is trying to wake up all these people. 

 Sushant Singhal

info@sushantsinghal.com; singhal.sushant@gmail.com




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